How Facebook is Spying on Us? Ways to prevent it?

Nowadays, Data transparency and data breaching are some of the most challenging topics. Today internet security and cybersecurity protocols are necessary for everyone. Most of us think that only hackers track our activities, but most trusted apps spy on us. Facebook is one of those apps which continuously spy on us and our activities. Here we will discuss how Facebook is spying on us, and later on, we will discuss how to prevent this.

How is Facebook spying on us? 

With the emerging technologies day by day, we depend on social media apps. However, we put all our details and information on Facebook or any other social media app, avoiding internet security protocols. This could lead us to trouble as it is against internet security protocols. This leads to data breaching, and cyber crimes are increasing. Facebook is one such app that people blindly trust its owner as they cannot listen or spy on us. The bitter truth is that Facebook can spy on us and listen to us since we can say that Facebook never uses this information or details for breaching or hacking. However, it is not right that someone spy on us. Aside from, with some general internet security protocols, we can avoid these.

  • Facebook tracks our location
  • This is the most common way by which most social media apps spy on us. Tracking our location is easy for Facebook or any other social media apps as we allow them to do so. We allow Facebook to track our location while permitting them. Even if you don’t allow Facebook to track your location, it can also track your location. Meaning that Facebook can easily track your location, accessing your IP address, WiFi, browsing habits, or many more without using accurate location data.
  • Facebook uses the best technologies for its functioning, so it is possible that they can track our location even if our account is logged out. This can happen when Facebook uses information through Bluetooth, browsing history, and WiFi network connection. The tracking of location can be avoided with the use of some good VPN and internet security protocols. Some of the best VPNs to hide your location are ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, Free VPN, etc.

Facebook tracks your activity

  • We often see that Facebook shows us ads according to our preferences. This means Facebook tracks the activities that we are doing online. If we are searching for something online, Facebook offers that particular thing in their ads. This tells us about how Facebook tracks all the activities we are doing online, either shopping or surfing it. These activities of Facebook prove that it spies on our activities.

Facebook listen to our conversation

  • There are so many assumptions that Facebook listens to our conversation. Yes, it is true. According to some techies and internet security experts, Facebook has the technology that allows it to listen to our conversations. Some of the users confirm that Facebook listens to their conversations. Facebook uses microphones of our phones, according to some of the internet security experts.

What are the ways to prevent Facebook spying? 

Several ways can help to prevent Facebook from spying on us. We can stop these activities on Facebook by following simple internet security protocols. These simple internet security protocols are:

  1. Disable location tracking on Facebook
  • As we know that Facebook is tracking our locations. So it is good to turn off the location tracking of your mobile phone and devices. This will stop Facebook spying on the location of your device.
  1. Use the internet with trusted VPN services
  • Using a secure and trusted VPN can stop Facebook spying. There are several secured VPN service providers available in the market which can avoid Facebook spying. Using a secured and trusted VPN services is the best way to stop any spying and data breaching on your device. Here we have listed some right and secured VPN service providers you can use to stop Facebook spying:
  • ExpressVPN
  • Hotspot shield
  • FreeVPN
  • Nord VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN

These VPNs can help you to hide your locations from spying.

  1. Turn off the microphone of your mobile device
  • Disabling your device’s microphone will ensure that Facebook cannot listen to your conversation as we know that there are some assumptions that Facebook can listen to our conversation. So it is good to prevent these assumptions and always disable the microphone of your device.
  1. Turn off the personalized ads on Facebook
  • TO stop Facebook spying on your mobile phone and device, we should turn off the personalized ads on Facebook. We know that Facebook detects our activities that we are doing online and shows them as ads on Facebook. So by disabling the personalized ads on Facebook can stop it.
  1. Do not use Facebook ‘protect’ features
  • Most of the cyber experts advise us not to use the ‘project feature of Facebook. By clicking on the ‘protect’ feature of Facebook, it is likely to lead to downloading some spyware that is not suitable for your internet security. So if you are concerned about your internet security, you should not use the ‘project feature if Facebook.
  1. Think twice before you post something on Facebook
  • It is not necessarily essential to post everything on Facebook. Every activity says something about you and your personality. Most of us post confidential data and information on Facebook, which is not secure at all. To take your internet security and online security seriously, you must not post everything on social media. We must think twice before we post things on social media. We should not share our location on Facebook as it is the easiest way to track your location for Facebook.


Facebook is spying on us in different ways. According to internet security experts, they can track our locations and activities and listen to our conversations. To avoid these, we can use some of the simple internet security protocols. Using these protocols can differ your Facebook user experience, but it will ensure that your Facebook information is secured. All of us must follow these internet security protocols to prevent Facebook from spying on our devices. The best way to avoid Facebook spying is to install a secured and trusted VPN service provider.


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