5 Security Mistakes that put your online security at risk

Online security is essential security as it is not related to your computer or internet, but it can affect your network security and the whole operating system. You can do many things to secure your online security. But many times, people make some mistakes that put your online security at risk, and these mistakes are so common that most people have done it. Many hackers and cybercriminals have many tricks and techniques that they use to get access to your operating system and device. 

Here are some of these common security mistakes that put your online security at risks:

  1. Downloading Unsoughted Antivirus Software: 

We are getting a pop-up warning message every time our PC or computing device is at risk, and you have to download some free antivirus Software to avoid these risks immediately. These messages are from the hackers and cyber attackers who make you download these files in just one click, and this is one of their favourite tricks from which they can input their infectious code to your device, and hackers can quickly get access to your device. Hackers are very creative in committing such crimes. They are experts in getting you to download these files as a virus scanning program, which is their infectious code, and these files can quickly put your online security at risk. Always make sure that your pc antivirus software is up to date, and it can prevent such messages and links from your operating system. Avoid downloading this antivirus Software from any unknown sources. This may lead your online security to be affected. This is also a common mistake that puts your online security at risk. 

  • Using same and weak password:

This mistake again is widespread in most of the people who are setting their passwords. Most of the time, people choose an easy password, which can be easily guessed by any cybercriminals and hackers. And sometimes setting passwords for different applications, many people choose the same password for different applications because it is difficult to remember so many passwords and strong passwords. Still, for this reason, you can write these passwords in your diary if you find them difficult to remember. This can be so dangerous that if a hacker gets to know one of your application passwords, he will access all your applications as the password is the same everywhere. So always choose strong and unique passwords for your applications. Always set your password using two-factor authentication, which makes your password strong and maybe secure. Remember, the shorter and simpler the password, the sooner it will be guessed by any cybercriminals and hackers. This mistake is so common that everyone has done it, but this is one of the major mistakes people make, which puts their online security at risk. 

  • Using public Wi-Fi:

Nowadays, everyone wants free Wi-Fi, and we are used to it. Using public Wi-Fi is just the best thing we can use as we all think so. But public Wi-Fi is most dangerous as it can risk your online security. If you have your personal information on your device, never use public Wi-Fi as it can be a trap from hackers and cybercriminals. Cybercriminals often go to these places where the public Wi-Fi is free and open for everyone. At these places, cybercriminals and hackers disguise their Wi-Fi as public Wi-Fi, and people connect to these disguised Wi-Fi, which can cause harm to your personal information. Hackers get into your operating device and harm your device as well as misuse your personal information. As soon as you connect to this Wi-Fi, cybercriminals can access your operating device. These mistakes are generally made by everyone, which can harm your online security every time. So avoid using public Wi-Fi as it can risk your online security. This mistake is also one of the common mistakes which can put your online security at risk. 

  • Not creating standards for your encryption:

This is another common mistake that many of us often do that we often do not create a high standard encryption protocol for our data and information. Many of us rely on our cloud providers that they will provide security for our data and information. We always avoid data encryption, which can risk our information online. Without data encryption, data can be breached by any cybercriminals, and anyone can miss it. So before transforming your data online, always ensure that you have created a high standard encryption protocol for your data and personal information. This mistake is commonly made by many of us. This mistake puts your online security at risk. 

  • Answering Phishing Emails:

Phishing emails are just a type of spam email hackers use to steal your information and data from your device. Avoid responding to these types of emails. According to a survey, every day, 80000 users fall into the trap of phishing emails and put their online security at risk. The next time if you get an email telling you ‘click here’ to see ‘shocking video,’ please delete it immediately. Avoid these types of emails every time. Most phishing email systems have spam filters to catch these messages, but before responding to these messages, always check the sender’s name, but also the email address and make sure it’s a trusted email address before clicking on any link you receive over email because from these phishing emails hackers and cybercriminals can harm your online security. These mistakes can put your online security at risk. 

To Conclude:

Many users make these online security mistakes every time, and cybercriminals can easily access your operating device, and they are happy to quickly take advantage of these mistakes. But by knowing their favourite tricks and techniques, we can avoid these and don’t make these mistakes, giving access to your personal information, files, or data to cybercriminals and hackers. These security mistakes can quickly put your online security at risk. 

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