How To Be Anonymous On Internet?

Completely anonymous is not possible on the Internet, but a little bit is possible from some of the ways.

  • Use Signal: Use signal because it is the best way to be anonymous on the Internet because it is the best-of-breed encrypted messaging app that allows you to send text messages, audio calls, and voice calls. From the outside, it functions just like other apps. Still, anyone cannot find its used encryption from the inside, even the National Security Agency responsible for these things. However, the makers of signals entirely know about the technical limitations, and they know the various ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible. But the signal is very secure any easy to use the messaging app and offers more anonymity than other apps. However, do not depend totally on this app, but it is interesting whether other apps are secure and provide strong anonymity.
  • Use Tor It is the most gigantic, most strong, and the most influential work on a software project. Tor project does outstanding work in space but has technical limitations that how much anonymity it can achieve. However, Tor also does not provide complete anonymity, but it is the best thing for a moment. Journalists use it to research stories. The same technology can also be used by criminals to gather information. There is also a Tor browser in android phones, and Onion Browser offers a Tor project.
  • Be careful what you post online
  • Today in this modern era, we all know people keep sharing everything on social media. People share everything that is going in their life and many pictures throughout the day. We need to understand everything has its own time to share, and some things do not need to be share. So, keep an eye on that and think about what you should sharing and what you should keep privacy because it develops an image of yours in another person’s mind. Sharing things on social media is more permanent.
  • Check those app permissions
  • We all know often we got a request for permissions both on android phone and iOS. They got the permissions and frequently started to catch all your personal information from users’ phones, transferred all the information, and used that information in highly inappropriate ways. None of your phones needs such information, so off all the permissions or you can block the user.
  • VPN
  • Virtual Private Networks are one of the most important ways to maintain your privacy. It hides your IP address and transmits all your private online data through a secure and encrypted virtual tunnel, which keeps websites being tracked your online activity or even can gather the information from which country you are browsing. Nowadays, many VPNs are available and require a small subscription fee, and you can use them without any hesitation.
  • Public WLAN
  • Public WLAN is a security risk. Use WLAN where you are sure that the operator and the other users who are using public WLAN are trustworthy. As we all know that all smartphones automatically connect with all the open network. Block that type of network which you have not information about them. If you want to the safe side of uses, then always use a VPN for that purpose. This keeps your information private.
  • Cookies
  • Almost all the pages that we use on the Internet always send the information and want to take permissions for cookies. Regularly delete the cookies that make your web behaviour less transparent. Some cookies are always criticized for tracing. Because the websites store cookies in your browser and many advertising banners displayed about cookies on your page. If you visit a single website, several cookies will store on your page.
  • Password protection and Smart home devices
  • You always keep your security first with your devices. You can use a password manager and always try to avoid biometric passwords. Because it is very convenient to open your device with a face or finger unlock. Always try to use passwords that have many types of characters. Fingerprints are very easy to reproduce as today many people make the victory sign in front of the camera. If that picture were taken in a reasonable resolution, it could be copied.
  • Browse in private whenever possible
  • Browsing in private is a straightforward and easy process to get a bit anonymous while online. As when we search anything on google, we often see the advertisements relating to that search history. These types of advertisements can create a unique fingerprint based on data that they have collected. Always browse in private mode to avoid these types of issues. In all modern browsers, there is an option for keeping your browser private. This will make you safe from those trying to track your browsing activity and make you safe from that type of person who is always trying to look at your search history in your machine. Google, Bing, and Yahoo is the most used browser for search, but they can also collect your most of your data to personalize services and showing you different kinds of advertisements.
  • Use a disposable email account
  • You also can use a disposable email account. There are two ways for it. First, you can make an email account with a fake name and information and use that according to your needs. Or, you can use a disposable email service. These email accounts were created by a temporary forwarding address and are deleted after some time when they are no more in your use. So, these are the best options for those types of sites or pages you don’t trust and keep your inbox filling with spam. You can also download TAILS from its organization on your device. It helps to maintain your privacy more secure. It guarantees that continuously it improves its security and leaves no traces behind that.

To be anonymous is very hard, and we can say that it is impossible. But there are some ways and browsers that are partially anonymous, which we discussed above.

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