Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity


Cyber threats are growing and evolving rapidly, as the surface of cyber use is becoming massive day by day. Several time-varying signals need to be analysed to get an idea to calculate accurate cyber threat risks after calculating and analysing the cyber threat risks. If it is on a vast scale, it is not a problem that can be solved on a human scale. In response to this massive challenge, Artificial intelligence tools are used for cybersecurity. 

What is Artificial intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is a process and strategy that helps to detect threats in cybersecurity without human efforts. Efforts to advance AI concepts over the past 20 years have resulted in some truly unique inventions and learnings. Big data, medical research, and various vehicles are just some of the incredible applications invented from AI development. Now the Artificial intelligence system is doing some excellent efficiency in the cybersecurity system also. Three basic AI concepts are machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. Artificial intelligence is generally the broad term for machine learning. 

What is Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity? 

Artificial intelligence-based tools have come out to help cybersecurity in response to the massive and unpredictable challenge. Artificial intelligence tools can quickly analyse millions of cybersecurity threats. This way, cybersecurity can identify different types of threats like malware, Trojans, malicious codes, and many more in just a few seconds and minutes. These types of technologies are growing and improving over time to identify new types of cyber threats. All the cybersecurity experts are accepting Artificial intelligence as the future of their industry. Artificial intelligence can easily detect problems and give solutions to them as well. 

In terms of cybersecurity, AI can efficiently analyse user behaviours. It can deduce a pattern and identify all sorts of abnormalities or irregularities in cybersecurity. With such type of data, it is much easier to analyse cyber threats and vulnerabilities quickly. All of the responsibilities that are now in the hands of humans will be handed over to artificial intelligence systems. Cybersecurity systems are rushing in the machines with artificial intelligence-based algorithms out in the market. The algorithm level of data sets in these machines can set as per their nature. These data labels could be malware, clean data, and many more. 

Relying on AI can be manipulated by advanced hackers through the use of machine learning. Despite all these, AI will always help to minimize the routine security responsibilities with high-quality results. This advanced cybersecurity system will be able to identify threats and recurring incidents and can even remediate them. Artificial intelligence also manages to detect insider cyber threats and manage devices. Implementing AI in cybersecurity systems will help protect organizations and businesses from existing cyber threats and identify new types of malware and data threats. 

Use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity:

  • Manages the vulnerability-

Currently, the cybersecurity system detects and analyses the vulnerability with the help of IT infrastructure. They have to wait for the IT infrastructures’ vulnerabilities and then take action on them, depending on their nature. The process and approach become different from Artificial intelligence-enabled tools. AI-based systems are proactive in detecting and analysing these cyber vulnerabilities. These systems can analyse the pattern and detect the loose ends that can be the potential vulnerability.

  • Improve authentication-

Most people and organizations use the same passwords for almost all of their accounts. They are still dependent on the traditional way of entering the login id and password for authentication purposes. There are very few people which are severe about creating healthy and unique passwords for their accounts. All of these lead to some serious and dangerous cybersecurity threats to organizations and individuals. But the Artificial intelligence system has a better solution to these problems. 

Artificial intelligence offers modern biometric authentication methods for securing your online security from threats. These modern biometric authentication methods, such as face recognition and iris recognition, login authentication, have become highly secure and comfortable for the users. The implementation of Artificial intelligence in modern biometric has helped to minimize cyber system threats. 

  • Analyse the behaviour of cybercriminals-

Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity can analyse the behaviour of cybersecuritythreats.AI can evolve a pattern by accessing users working methods and can detect its threat. For example, if any malware and threat enter your operating system, the way of working on that device will change. This way, Artificial intelligence detects that some abnormal activity is taking place, which means some cybersecurity threat has entered. These abnormalities could be anything such as a change in typing style, different browsers, etc. 

Advantages of AI in Cybersecurity

These are the advantages of using Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. But with these advantages, there are some disadvantages of using AI in cybersecurity. These disadvantages are:

  • Artificial intelligence uses a lot of resources and power. Sometimes it becomes too costly for an average user. This system requires a lot of computing power, raw memory, data, and more. It is difficult for lower and middle range organizations to fulfil these needs. 
  • Artificial intelligence is not mandatory for only ethical use. Hackers can also use this for their unethical use. It can be dangerous in cybersecurity. 
  • To set data on AI-based systems in cybersecurity, the user needs to create many data. This becomes an exaggerating process in the cybersecurity system. 
  • In cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence is not 100% accurate. It sometimes detects false threats, which frequently raise false results. 


Cybersecurity is intimidating in both numbers and complexity; Artificial intelligence is one of the best ways to reduce threats. But with the advantages of the implementation of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, there are some disadvantages too. Always use a reliable and developed artificial intelligence system for your cybersecurity. Nowadays, everyone needs this for using secure cybersecurity. 

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